Call for Papers 2018

The 20th Annual Conference of the German and Dutch Graduate Student Association

at the University of Wisconsin–Madison


Welcome to the Otherhood, 2.0

November 9-10, 2018

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Katharina Schuhmann, Penn University

Welcome to the Otherhood 2.0! But wait – what is the Otherhood? Where does it begin? What defines Otherhood, Otherness, or the Other? For the 20th annual conference, the GDGSA invites a broad range of submissions that respond to any aspect of Otherness in a German or Dutch context.

As our societies continue to grow, change, and reinvent themselves, who or what is it that makes up that society: who is on the inside, and are those on the fringes of society truly ‘outsiders’?

Otherhood can also be considered a collection of stories with contributions from a variety of fields…

  • Linguistics: Dialect, Accent, Sociolinguistics
  • Literature: Outsiders, Migration, Asylum, Exile
  • SLA: Study abroad experiences, L1 and L2 aquisition
  • Performing Arts and Film Studies: Portrayals of the other, Theater of the oppressed
  • History: Minority Studies, Implicit Bias
  • Art History: Depiction, interpretations, and reception of the other, The other artists…
  • Sociology and Anthropology: Criminology, Visibility of the other in contemporary society
  • Psychology: The others‘ perspectives, Self- perception- theory…

We welcome proposals for individual papers or workshops. Graduate students from all universities and departments are encouraged to submit their abstracts.

Please submit an abstract or plan for your presentation of 500 words or fewer by August 10, 2018. The primary language of this conference will be English, but submissions in German are also welcome. Your submission should include the following information: title of proposal, presenter’s name, university and department affiliation, 75-­word bio, technology and workshop requests, and email address.

For further details on the conference, keynote speaker, and accommodations (including the option to stay with UW-Madison students), please see our conference website:

Proposals and questions may be directed to Please include the words “Conference Proposal” in the subject line of your email. We look forward to your submissions!